Architectural signage creates a center piece or focal point for your business or organisation

Initially you may have the idea that your sign needs to be directly above your entrance or designed for this space but this does not need to be the case. Your sign can be positioned anywhere, designed to fit in and work with the aesthetics of the building or surrounding area. The main sign and brand identity can be supported by secondary signage including reception area, directional and information signage, which can be also used to focus people’s attention making the site or building function better.

If you already have a brand guideline in place we can work alongside you to implement this in an accurate but sympathetic way to your surroundings and where needs be converse with your designers to resolve any issues with portrayal of the brand in practicable way.

As you can see we have an extensive choice of materials and types of signs to draw upon and can guide you through the process of what will work for your situation in an economic and efficient way, while always keeping in mind your companies identity and rules.

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