Eye catching and cost effective

Our banners are of a high quality heavy duty pvc with finished seams and brass eyelets. For banners in exposed areas a wind mesh material can be used to reduce wind pressure and prevent damage to the banner. Banners can be fitted using wall brackets and tensioners as a modern, stylish alternative to signage or can be used as a temporary sign to advertise forthcoming events etc., or as exhibition, presentation events’ backdrops.  Printed or cut-out graphics can be applied or combined, such as the background imagery, permanent information, logo etc. can be printed but temporary information such as dates could be cut out of vinyl allowing changes, and therefore the reuse of the banner.

Just a small selection of banners we have produced and fitted

Lamp Post Banners

An eye-catching novel way of gaining attention, stand-alone banners helping pin-point your location to multiple banners carrying a sequential message, all of which we can supply and maintain.

There are Flag banners as well, which make excellent temporary markers, pinpointing entrances deliniating your allocated space at events and exhibitions

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