First Impressions! the entrance to your building is the first thing your customers see, so it’s important to make a good start. There are many approaches and combinations that can be used in the design and manufacture of your front of house signage that can give a professional, inviting and reassuring presence.

If you do not require illumination we can offer fascia signs which are made up of either aluminium faced material or rigid PVC that can be fitted within an anodised aluminium frame, to which printed vinyl graphics, cut out vinyl, flat cut, 3D lettering can be added and combined as required.

Flat cut Perspex, aluminium or stainless steel letters, 3D built-up metal letters or moulded acrylic letters are all available in a variety of colours, styles and sizes to suit your requirements. 3D metal letters can be fitted internally with LED gear that can illuminate inset translucent perspex fronts or used to throw back light to create a halo effect.

These forms of lettering add interest to the focal point sign, changing as the light alters through the day, while projecting a clean, high value look.

Cut-out vinyl graphics using high quality vinyl that comes in a wide range of colours and used in conjunction with the latest computer software and cutting technology, can create bold attention grabbing graphics that can be used along with other materials in many situations, vehicle livery, signs internally, externally, window graphics, the list goes on…

We can also produce full colour images and photographs which will enhance your final design.

An external hanging sign or projection sign above the outside of your premises plays a big part in attracting custom to your business and is often the first thing a new customer will see when approaching .

Often playing an important  role in helping people spot where you are when the view to your business is obscured. They can come in a variety of styles from traditional to modern and can be illuminated either from within or from an external source such as a pelmet light.

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