We offer to handle every aspect, from initial site surveys to design, to supply and when necessary fitting and maintenance, while working within budget.

After your initial enquiry, we would propose a site visit if necessary, here we would be able to discuss your requirements further, take measurements, plan access, fitting  and scheduling and possibly planning permission if this was a factor. We can also bring along material samples, full scale section drawings or prints to gauge size and colour correctness

We can replicate or create artwork for you using the latest computer software and have access to comprehensive graphic and typographic material, which we can draw upon to answer your brief in a creative, effective and economic way. You can submit your ideas or artwork in any number of ways, from a sketch or printed format, to a suitable computer file, on disc or as an e-mail.

If we are starting from scatch, after you giving us your brief and first drafts have been drawn up you are welcome to visit our workshop to finalise the designs, we know how visual things are often tricky to describe over the phone or email, and of course while you are on the premises we would be happy to show you samples etc

As part of the design service we can produce visualisations of your proposed sign in situ, to help with your final decision.

Final proofs are always supplied to yourselves for a final check over to insure accuracy.

As much as possible is done in house, but when certain components are required we use approved frabricators and engineers, who often as not we have been dealing with for many years and have a  strong business relations.

We have many years of experience of submitting planning applications. We can advise about the current legal requirements and when necessary we can draw up and submit to the local authority and negotiate on your behalf.

All fitting is carried out by our own staff and as  mentioned earlier we are approved contractors and all our staff have been DRB checked, we carry necessary insurance and public liability insurance to work in any location and situation. Our staff hold the relevant accreditation certificates after undergoing training which is ongoing, all this allows us to work safely and compliantly with present day legal requirements for your piece of mind.

First impressions count or so they say, and the upkeep of your signage will go a long way to give new customers and visitors the right idea about you and how you approach your work.

We can offer:


All stages of production are carried out by our own employees in compliance of Health and Safety procedures, we at City Signs are fully aware of how important this is in today’s world and invest heavily in our Staff’s training, qualifications and liability insurance, so that we carry the necessary accreditation certificates to enable us to work in any situation legally and safely. All staff are CRB checked.

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