Decorative or Informative?
Don't let that space go to waste

We design and manufacture and fit custom wall art that can be used to reinforce your brand style, theme or message. Brightening up your workplace can create a better more interesting atmosphere to work in, while informing guests and visitors and creating a point of interest that could be highlighted through social media. Don’t let that space go to waste.

If applying the artwork graphic to the wall directly is not practicable we can mount the print to a lightweight panel and fit this using stylish chrome or brushed steel stand-off spacers, this has the added advantage that if the wall needed decorating or access was required to the surface then the panel can be easily removed.

Whether it be a commercial, retail, educational or a residential project, our experienced team will guide you through a creative journey to your perfect mural or wall graphic, from an initial site visit and consultation through the design, where we’ll work with you to finalise your personal vision of your project and then the installation. Carried out by our own fully accredited and health and safety compliant staff.


Easy access clip frames are an in expensive way of displaying your posters or information, which can be instantly changed. The frames are available in a variety of standard colours and sizes or can be made to suit your specific requirements. There are also high security frames available, suitable for different situations.

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